Potty Training Sucks!


Hey there! I have been slacking really bad on this blog. However there is good reason! I’m pregnant! After 8 mnths of trying, we finally did it! With that being said, my 1st trimester kicked my butt! Nothing like my first pregnancy! I basically stayed in bed trying not to puke for 3 mnths all while trying to take care of my toddler. Finally in my 2nd trimester, I feel great but I have a lot to catch up on. One thing being, potty training our daughter Aria before the new baby comes.

Aria will be 18 mnths in just a few days. I know…it’s early! But I’ve read all these articles about moms training their kids at this age and even earlier! and I had already gotten a head start by sitting Aria on her potty every morning when we got up and every night right before her bath and she consistently went each time. So I thought, this should be a breeze!

Well…I was dead wrong!

A few articles I’ve read, talked about a 3-day method or potty train in a weekend.  This way consists of basically baby going bare bottomed all weekend with potty right near by as mom feeds preferably salty foods and lots of water or juice all day while encouraging child to sit on the potty every 15 min and when they inevitably have accidents, carry them onto the potty and say peepee/poopoo goes in the potty FIRMLY but without yelling or getting angry. Some articles encourage giving treats when successful while others discourage treats and focus more on praise. I chose the latter. This week seemed perfect to start because tropical storm Hermoine was in town and leaving us to stay in-house a few days anyway.

Well let me just tell you how this is going…

Day 1:

I went in with a positive mindset. I KNEW she was going to have accidents and I felt prepared!….what I was not prepared for, was complete failure! She did not go ONE SINGLE TIME!!!! I felt completely defeated already!

Day 2:

She went twice the entire day. One of which she actually told me “potty!”and actually went! That made me SO happy! Finally some progress!! Well that was short lived because that happened early afternoon and for the rest of the day continued to go on my floor and/or couch.

Day 3:

Again, just twice the entire day. No asking either…however I did take notice that each time she had an accident she would run toward me while going, whimpering “peepee” or “poop”  which told me at least she seems to be TRYING to make it to the potty and maybe she isn’t recognizing the cues that she needs to go.

So we’re on day 4…I’m exhausted. I feel defeated. If I could make a wish list for today it would be that Aria: 1)consistently communicates that she has to go 2)goes more than twice 3)goes 2-3 times consecutively. I know most of you are thinking just give up for now! Try again later when she’s a little older!

Well I haven’t decided yet exactly what I’m going to do…I may do that if I feel the exhaustion is overcoming me and doing more of a disservice to me and my family. However I don’t want to confuse her. Kids thrive on consistency! Any prayers and/or encouragement is very much appreciated!


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