Yes. We Are Trying. (my journey of breastfeeding and conceiving)

Our precious baby girl Aria is a Toddler now! Currently almost 16 months going on 3! She is feisty, intelligent, and oh so loveable!!! I could write a book on how amazing she truly is, but for the sake of getting to my point, I’ll just leave it at that. Lol Everyone who meets her, loves her! So naturally they ask when do you want another one? Are you trying? Etc.

At this point in her life, Peter and I eagerly want to give her a sibling! She is very attatched to me still, as she co sleeps with us and still breastfeeds through the night. I believe gaining a sibling she will learn to detach a little and learn to be sacrificial for the benefit of her sibling. (Not without challenge of course lol) I also want her to be blessed with a life-long friend! Siblings are the best friends you can have and I so deeply want that for her. I’m starting to get anxious because truthfully, I planned on being pregnant a long time ago so they could be very close in age. Just goes to show, you can plan all you want, but God’s will is, God’s will and it is HIS timing that will prevail, not our own. 

A little background info:

  • I chose to exclusively breastfeed
  • Didn’t introduce ANY solids until 6mths
  • By 1 yr 3-4x/day + night feedings
  • Now when she wakes up, before bed, and throughout the night
  • My postpartum period came at 11 months post birth (later than most)

After giving birth, the human body is so thoughtfully and wonderfully made that it creates a child spacing mechanism so that you are allowed to completely heal before putting your body through the hardships of pregnancy and labor again. Breastfeeding is part of that process.(When you breastfeed, the same hormones that make milk, called prolactin, also suppress the release of hormones that cause eggs to mature and become fertile and the lining of the womb to nourish fertile eggs) Of course there are a lot of different factors at play here, that contribute to the length of time it may take to become completely fertile again. Some examples are: bf frequency, duration, night feedings, increase of solids, return of menstral cycle, co sleeping and of course the fact that everyone is different.

Although I am not positive about where exactly my body is on its journey to becoming completely fertile, I keep my faith that God has a plan for our family and that His ways are far better than ours. Whenever He chooses to bless us with another baby we will be so thankful and excited! Until then, we will continue to pray and ask God to give us patience in this circumstance and to guide us and prepare our lives and our hearts for another family member. And of course I invite you all to pray WITH us since there is no power like the power of prayer!


If you want to learn more on this topic, I encourage you to read these articles I found them extremely informative:



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