DIY: shabby chic toybox

After the holidays ended, I was ready to move because my house was being overran by TOYS!!! Aria was incredibly spoiled by everyone. However, she didn’t have a neat little place to keep all of her toys…like a toy box. Her Birthday is coming up so I could have bought her one for that occasion, but we had so many tote bins lying around that were not designated for anything specific. So why waste money when we have exactly what we need?  I’m glad you concur. Well, the only issue I had was that well…totes aren’t very pretty. So of course the first place I looked was Pinterest. There were some good ideas on there, however either a lot more work than I bargained for or I didn’t have the required materials. So I looked around my house and came up with something great!

Materials I used:

  • old bedskirt
  • Tote bin
  • Hot glue
  • Twine

How I did it:

  • Lay bedskirt seamside down on a flat surface
  • Fold up the material up the sides (one side at a time) hot glue the seam of the skirt to the inside of the tote
  • Wrap twine around until desired thickness is reached
  • Tie a bow and fill with toys!😁

*depending on the size of the bedskirt your folding method may vary. Mine was a king so I actually had to cut some material as well.



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