Why we only give 4 Gifts on Christmas

20151212_184001.jpgMy baby girl’s very first Christmas is upon us! We are so overjoyed to watch her enjoy her first Christmas experience! At 10 months, she is old enough to walk around, get into everything and have some fun. So much thought and love went into every single gift from every family member. We can’t wait to watch her rip open her gifts and to see her reaction to it all.

As a mother, I am constantly thinking of the example I set for my daughter. The lessons I can teach her on a daily basis. I yearn for my daughter to be loving, kind, humble, strong, confident and everything a good woman should be. She is like a sponge absorbing everything I give her. So I must be cautious about the actions others may not see as bad or influential. The truth is…EVERYTHING is influential to a child with a vastly developing mind! I simply want to be the best teacher to my daughter. That is why my husband and I decided to give by the 4 gift rule. 

  1. Something you want
  2. Something you need
  3. Something to wear
  4. Something to read

We want to encourage a humble spirit that is grateful and not spoiled. It seems like children are becoming more and more entitled while parents are (with good intentions trying to give their children everything they never had) enabling their self absorbed behavior.

Don’t misunderstand me…it was HARD not getting every little toy I thought she might like! It’s my first Christmas as a mom! Even if I know she won’t remember this Christmas or any of the toys she’ll get. It was so difficult narrowing down the choices! But at the end of the day we stand by our choice and think it will be a very beneficial tradition for our family.

Lord I pray today for all of the qualities I wish my daughter to have. May I exemplify qualities of a good woman like the one in proverbs 31. Guide me in being a good teacher for my family. Continue to be with our marriage and let us work as a team always. May every decision in our home be made prayerfully. Let us do ALL things for your glory God. All of this I pray in your precious name Jesus.Amen.


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